The Glitterbox Theater

Hi there! We're glad you found us. We like stuff. All kinds of stuff. Stuff with bears, and movies, and puppets. Queer stuff,  lecture stuff, meeting stuff, movement stuff. You know, really good stuff. We really like theater stuff. We're definitely interested in music stuff, but not like, you know, music stuff all the time kind-of-a-thing. We like to have professional people who do awesome stuff, and awesome people who do totally not professional stuff. Mostly, The Glitterbox is an idea around community and doing it yourself--it being the stuff.  We want to see the stuff you yourself are doing. We want to give you a stage, a platform, a microphone. So join us.

To keep an eye on our stuff, follow our social media, sign up for our email updates, or just give us a "Hihowareya!" if we bounce into each other ordering hot dogs or something! 


For a few years, we had a special place on Melwood Avenue where we hosted affordable rentals. Each day, people from all over Pittsburgh held performances, lectures, and more. As of May 2021, The Glitterbox is nomadic. That means we are putting on events around the city. Little injections of glitterness. You can read more about the decision to move from a physical home here and here.