Glitterbox Theater

Hi there. We're glad you found us. Here at the theater we like stuff. All kinds of stuff. Stuff with bears, and movies, and puppets. Queer stuff,  lecture stuff, meeting stuff, movement stuff. You know, the general stuff. Definitely we really like theater stuff. Were definitely interested in music stuff, but not like, you know, music stuff all the time kind of thing. We like to have professional people who do awesome stuff, and awesome people who do totally not professional stuff. And did we mention, we are reasonably priced for booking an event? Not like those hoity toity places that charge like $35 at the door! Who can afford that? Not most of the people we know. But, you know, we appreciate that stuff too even if we can't go to it. So what were really getting down to is, we like you and we want to meet you. you probably also like stuff and most likely do some stuff yourself. So yeah, this is a stuff space.